Hello, I am Sherry Cain a Christian Author, Business Strategist, and Speaker. I am the elite business consultant that has over 22 years of business development experience. I've worked Business Development Processes for companies that include Medicare, Medicaid, BP, and the NFL to name a few....

I have an absolute heart for the business world and entrepreneurs alike. My industry knowledge in business analysis, protocol, and development has allowed me to excuse myself from the corporate world and move into the influence that business owners have been waiting for.

I am super passionate about empowering other business owners to create a vision for their business that allows them to show up at the top of their game and brand identity.

My purpose is to empower,motivate, and deliver the tools that are necessary in you excelling in your purpose.

My motto is simple I believe big, therefore I help others create grand systems and processes to deliver products and services in the best light!

Light illuminates,brightens, and  will allow your business to shine in ways you never thought possible.


The Will to Move: From Fear to Faith to Purpose 

We all have a purpose and gifting that we can choose to operate within in life. Each day that we are here on earth is a day of purpose. Journey with the Author as she takes you through the steps that helped her overcome fear in order to learn and grow in what her true purpose is. Often times we let fear stop us from walking in to who we should truly become, but, if we build our faith we can overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. Faith is the substance of things hoped for but yet not seen. Do you have the faith to move in the different seasons in life, good or bad? Do you have the faith to walk with God even when you've stopped believing in his promises for your life? The Will to Move from fear to faith to purpose is a journey we must all walk in order to own the purpose that God has ordained for our life. Once you are called there is no turning back, so we must learn to walk with fear of the unknown and develop the faith that will carry us through each season. Your purpose is waiting for you on the other side of fear.


This book is amazing! The author takes you through the necessary steps to move past your fear to discover your purpose. Using her personal testimony in addition to practical steps she will help you to step up and be who God has created you to be. This book is for anyone who has been afraid to take that first step, is questioning how can God use me or for someone who is in the beginning stages of walking in their purpose. Well done Sherry!!!

This book is a wonderful guide toward finding your purpose in life.

Copyrighted 2017. All rights reserved Sherry Cain.

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